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RSPB HDX 10 x 42 binoculars RSPB HDX 10 x 42 binoculars

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Having laboured with old 10x50 Marine bins for 55 years I finally decided to take the plunge. After taking advice from friends and having checked around on the internet I thought I needed 8x42s and visited Louise at the Arne. On a busy day she could not have been more helpful. Starting with the HD 8x42 and trying numerous pairs I settled on the HDX 10x42. I decided I could not sacrifice the 10x I was used to, and that has proved a good decision with extensive use. (I was a little surprised to find the bins clearly marked "China" when I was trying them out; I suppose "Germany" would have been more reassuring, but no matter.) My immediate impression was of the clarity, brightness and contrast; the detail of the birds revealed, especially on a bright day, was stunning. As a spectacle user eye relief was important, and I am very satisfied on that score. I trust they prove to be robust; the build seems fine. The close focus down to six feet is delightful. They are easy to hold, well balanced, easy and quick to focus. I expected them to be lighter than they actually are, but I don't find them heavy. On a really dull day nearing dusk they could be brighter, but I imagine I would have needed to have spent more to achieve that in a pair of bins! I'm happy with the neck-strap; it is comfortable and looks smart. The case is fine for me too as I carry that in a rucksack for the end of the day. In summary, I feel they offer the field of view and magnification I need and are light enough and easy to use, offering excellent clarity, plus good eye relief. Thanks Louise for your help... By Geoff from Dorset, on 1 Mar 2018

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Excellent bins

I've had a pair of 10x 50 unbranded, Japanese porroprisms since 1969 (wedding present from my wife) which, although inexpensive, are very sharp & robust. I've also got a small pair of 8x 23 Nikons in the car for convenience. I'd been happy with my 10x 50s until I tried the HDX 10x 42s at Rainham and found them so much brighter that I bought a pair. They are robust, sharp & bright and are much better value than the hugely expensive top brands.
Having said that, the case is dire & really makes no sense in its design, so that is just left in the boot of the car as it's so fiddly to get them out.

RSPB response: Thank you for your lovely review. Sorry to hear you are not happy with the case, all cases should be perfect for the binoculars so we will feed this back to the manufacturer. In the meantime if you'd like to get in touch with us we can look into how we can help with the case. By Ian Hutch, on 14 Jan 2018

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Superb All-Rounder. Highly technical review - sorry!

This is a review of this RSPB HDX 10 x 42 primarily against my mid to high end 10 x 50 porro that I've had for years. I also compare to a few other 10 x 42 models I tried in the shop (that costed ~£100 to £300 less).

Pros: Light, ease of view, ease of handling, bright, sharp, good control of colour aberrations, great eye relief plus great field of view, no stray light bouncing off internal parts from inside ("veiling glare"), rainguard easily flicked on/off but stays put when required, perfect all rounder.

Cons: A bright sky does reflect off some internal lens of the eyepiece but this is common to all binos. The only way to avoid this is to simplify the eyepiece but then you lose eye relief and/or field of view.

The case. Sorry RSPB, this is a poor show! Needs its own strap and strap loops so you can wear it satchel-style, out of the way of the bino itself. As it is, its useless.

The strap is a value item but works OK.


Wonderful all rounder, delighted with them. Although more expensive than the others in the shop, they are the clear superior.

Eye Relief: As a spectacle wearer I really struggle with eye relief. Since no one knows how to objectively measure it, you can't compare across brands or even models within a brand. Too little ER writes off a bino for me. ER of the HDX is superb, especially given its excellent field of view.

Brightness: Compared to the others in the shop, the HDX is far and away the brightest. It is almost as bright as my porro. This is not because the porro has larger objectives (in daylight), but because the porro format has inherently superior transmission; it is a real challenge for a roof to match a porro for brightness despite costing so much more. Therefore, the HDX scores a real achievement.

Sharpness: As above. A roof prism requires phase correction. Imperfect phase correction blurs sharpness. Porro prisms have no roof and therefore don't suffer the problem. My porro is sharper than the HDX but the HDX was easily the best of the roofs I tried.

Colour Aberrations: As above again. A non-waterproof, externally focussing porro is an inherently simpler instrument with far fewer glass to air surfaces so is much less susceptible to CA. Mine being a 50 also has a longer focal length, again lessening CA. The HDX does show aberrations but less than the other roofs and it does not detract from the overall image quality.

Field of View: Awesome. More or less the same as the other roofs and blows my porro out of the water. (This is the main trade off of a much simpler instrument.)

Weight, handling, ease of holding still: Quite simply the easiest binocular to hold still I've ever held. Wonderful. Can scarcely feel it round your neck.

Apparent size of subject: Despite all being 10s, and (so far as I can tell) truly so, the size of a bird through the HDX looks bigger than through my porros. Coupled with being easier to hold still, this makes detail easier to see, even though there is no extra detail in reality. I believe this to be a consequence of the objectives being the same distance apart as your eyes. You can see the effect for yourself. Look at something with one eye. Then open the other. It looks bigger. The effect is the same looking through roofs, but strangely absent through porros.

In summary, birds are easier to ID through the HDX than my porro, despite being a little less bright, a little less sharp and showing a little more CA. Coupled to it great handling, it makes the HDX a superb all rounder and the best sub-£700 bino in the shop by a long way. Very impressed indeed, this will do me for a long time.
By Ben S-H, on 15 Oct 2016
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RSPB HDX 10 x 42 binoculars

SKU# R404706

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Product information
Following on from the best selling HD range the HD-X moves the brand to a new level.

Brighter, lighter and with a wider field of view the new HD-X has been designed with ease of use in mind.
The compact optical design housed in an ultra lightweight body helps to make them one of the lightest 42 mm roof prism binoculars on the market.
The smaller bridge allows them to be held in one hand when in use giving the user perfect balance with the binocular.
Class-leading optical performance with the benefit of both phase and SHR (super high reflective) coatings on the prism's leading to high levels of clarity and contrast in a variety of conditions.

Key features: Fully water/fog proof construction dry filled with nitrogen gas, tested to a depth of 1 m for 5 mins; Internal focusing with a close focus of under 2 m; Wide field of view 6.5 deg; Lightweight compact design, finished weight of under 640 g; Integral tripod adaptor socket; High quality 3 position retractable eyecups for spectacle wearers; Fully multicoated optics with ED glass objective lens; Phase coated roof prisms with SHR coating; Ergonomically design body with shock resistant rubber armor; Water and dirt repellent coating; 10 year guarantee.

Supplied with an exclusive pin badge, a leather case and a micro-fibre cloth cleaning bag.

  • - Ultra lightweight
  • - Close focus under 2 m
  • - Ten year warranty
Objective Diameter (mm) 42
Eye Relief (mm) 22
Field of view 6.5 deg
Height (mm) 140
Width (mm) 128
Weight (g) 640
Warranty (years) 10
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Regular Price: £749.00

Special Price: £699.00

In stock

RSPB HDX 10 x 42 binoculars


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